Note: Internet Explorer for Windows does not stream my Flash content with built-in (same-file) preloaders because my HTML source code complies with the HTML 4.01 Strict standard, which does not include all of the non-standard properties upon which IE relies. The content *DOES* load under IE for Windows, but since IE does not stream it, the content is unable to display its built-in progress bar while it loads. I could implement a work-around, but after several years of implementing work-arounds for other people's sloppy work, I would prefer to stop wasting so much time on them, instead encouraging browser developers such as Microsoft to properly support Web standards.

Note: If Flash content appears for you, but it looks broken under Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows, you probably have an old version of Flash Player. The normal installer for Flash Player seems to upgrade most browsers, but leave Windows Internet Explorer 7 with version 6,0,79,0. You can check your current version and install the latest version at this page. Note that immediately after installing, the old Flash Player version number may be displayed on the page; if so, restarting Windows Internet Explorer 7 should resolve the issue.